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Cline and Associates maintains a practice limited to labor and employment law with a focus on public safety labor organizations.  The large share of our law practice involves representation of labor groups but we also maintain a practice of employment law representing individuals with a variety of claims including wage and hour disputes, disability accommodation concerns and discrimination claims.

We represent more than 50 public safety Guilds and Associations throughout the State of Washington:

  • Association of Adams County Employees
  • Bellingham Police Officers Guild
  • Bellevue Police Support Guild
  • Camas Public Employees’ Association
  • Cowlitz County Corrections’ Officers Guild
  • Des Moines Police Guild
  • Douglas County Deputy Sheriffs Guild
  • Everett Firefighters’ Local 46
  • Fish and Wildlife Officers Guild
  • Island Communications’ Guild
  • Island County Deputy Sheriffs Guild
  • Issaquah Police Services Guild
  • Jefferson County Fire
  • King County Regional AFIS Guild
  • Kitsap County Corrections Guild
  • Kitsap County Deputy Sheriffs Guild
  • Kitsap County Juvenile Probation Officers’ Guild
  • Lacey Police Management Association
  • Lacey Police Officers Guild
  • Lake Forest Park Police Guild
  • Lewis County Correctional Officers’ Guild
  • Lewis County Deputy Prosecuting Attorneys Association
  • Lewis County Support Services Guild
  • Mountainview Fire Fighters
  • Mount Vernon Police Services Guild
  • Normandy Park Police Officers’ Guild
  • Okanogan County Sheriffs Employees Association
  • Olympia Police Guild
  • Olympia Police¬†Sergeants
  • Pasco Police Officers’ Association
  • Pierce County Corrections Guild
  • Pierce County Fire Communications Guild
  • Port Orchard Police Guild
  • Renton Police Officers’ Guild
  • Seattle Parking Enforcement Officers Guild
  • Skyway Firefighter’s Association
  • Technical Employees Association
  • Tumwater Police Guild
  • Thurston County Prosecutors
  • Walla Walla Commissioned Deputies Association
  • Walla Walla Police Guild
  • Wenatchee Police Guild
  • Yakima Police Patrolman’s Association

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