Our Central Mission

Our Central Mission

Most law firms tend to chart a path that simply seeks to imitate the model and values of other successful law firms, either locally or within a similar practice area. At Cline and Associates, we have chosen a different path, a path that draws a sense of purpose and direction based, not on other law firms, but for the clients we serve.

Our client base is principally made up of public safety employees and their labor unions. The men and women who work at various police departments, fire stations, 9-1-1 centers, corrections facilities, and other public institutions that we represent embody a sense of service, personal sacrifice, and dedication to the public good.

It is this value system that we have sought to instill in our law firm, and it guides our work as lawyers and professionals on a day-to-day basis. It is upon this foundation of values that our law firm sits, and from there our commitment to our clients is to provide the most effective and efficient representation in the State of Washington when it comes to union advocacy and to preserving the rights of individual employees.

The firm’s origins began nearly twenty years ago, and since that time the attorneys and staff at Cline and Associates have developed a level of expertise and a vast array of resources in the field of labor and employment law that is second to none. We pride ourselves on being able to bring to bear an array of different databases, research, and past experience that allows us to advocate more aggressively and successfully for our clients with proven results.

Public employers and private corporations will always have plenty of well-paid lawyers advocating for their interests. Our belief is that the average middle class worker and the small local union deserve the same quality and devotion to their interests as big employers enjoy on a daily basis. When injustice and a lack of fairness rule the workplace, we seek to level the playing field, giving power back to the powerless and a voice back to the voiceless. Equality under the law should the principle we all live under no matter your station in life.

Our reputation is one of aggressiveness, but that reputation is established because we believe so strongly in our mission and the principles we strive to promote. For us, this is not just work, but a way of life.

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