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Perhaps our most innovative and unique service offered is our Premium Website Content.  This service allows our client and subscribers access to proprietary materials not available on the free portion of this website. For our retainer-represented clients, this service is already included in the retainer. A description of the Premium Website can be viewed here. A video explaining the premium website can be viewed here.

Services Included

We offer three-year subscription plans that permit subscribing organizations access to a broad range of our proprietary materials and information. The subscription includes not only a robust information element but also a service component enabling you to maximize use of the information.

Your subscription fee allows 24-hour on-line access to the information. The subscription also includes a certain number of “pooled hours” that you are allowed to make the best use of the information or for other legal representation needs.

For our clients, this Premium Content is included with their retainer. For those who currently may have other representation arrangements, we have decided to provide, for a fee, access to this material. This enables us to recover some revenue from information already created while permitting subscribers’ access to valuable material that should enhance your representation efforts.

There are three principle pieces to the Premium Content Subscription: 1) Access to our Database reports from an on-line menu; 2) Access to Information on Demand which allows you to browse our website and review and extract information; and 3) Access to Legal Advice through an on-line Request for Assistance form.

Subscribers also gain access to emergency legal representation for critical incidents such as officer involved shootings. A subscription also allows discounts on books and training offered through Cline and Associates.

Information on Request

The Information on Request gives you access over 2000 distinct reports through on-line menus to each of our three databases: The Demographic Database, the Compensation Database, and the Contract Term Database. You submit your on-line form request and within 7 days you should receive your requested reports.

The Demographic Database includes access to wide variety of demographic data in the form of charts and graphs concerning your “comparable” jurisdictions. The database has the capacity to produce over 85 standard reports with the ability to generate additional custom reports in excess of 1000. The Demographics Wage and Benefit Report Menu can be viewed here.

The Demographic Database is directly linked to the Compensation Database. The Compensation Database allows you access to a wide variety of wage and benefit information. The database has the capacity to produce about 50 standard reports with the ability to generate nearly 1000 custom reports. The Historical Demographic Reports Menu can be viewed here.

You will have access to a third database concerning Contract Terms. The Contract Terms Database generates reports which allow you to compare your actual contract language on specific issues with the actual contract language of your comparables. A sample of a Contract Term report can be viewed here. The database allows specific section by section analysis of language by classifying contract language into 127 specific issues. The Contract Term Report Menu can be viewed here.

Your subscription includes a certain number of pooled hours and those hours are charged to cover the staff time needed to generate these reports. Our databases are designed to quickly create a large number of documents. Because of the database complexity, we cannot allow the same time of “on demand” access that we do with our other information and certain staff time is expended to generate these reports.

Information on Demand

Your subscriber password allows you unlimited 24 hour  access to our Premium Content Website. This access allows you to browse and download our proprietary resources from on-line folders on a 24 hour basis, including the following:

Collective Bargaining Agreements

You are allowed access to our current and archived Collective Bargaining Agreements in our statewide public safety labor organization CBA collection. This folder includes a report on the status of each expired labor agreement advising you of where it is at in the negotiation/mediation/arbitration process.

CPI Information

You are allowed access to historic data about the CPI including a full range of relevant CPI indices and historic CPI charts and graphs.

Wage and Benefit Surveys

You are allowed access to the various wage and benefit statewide surveys we regularly perform.  These surveys advise you of the latest wage settlement trends but also allow you to compare your compensation and benefits to those of others around the state.

Archived Newsletters

You are allowed access to our archived newsletters. This also allows you access to folders where the newsletter articles are organized by subject, allowing you to explore issues on a topical basis.

Books on Demand

You are allowed access to on-line versions of our books. This privilege includes access to the on-line version of the 468 page Rights of Washington Public Safety Employees. The Rights Book has a linked table of contents which allows you to find a particular topic that you want to explore with a direct hyperlink to that text. The text, in turn, contains a hyperlink to case citations in the footnotes. This folder also allows access to our members’ rights booklet.

You will be allowed access to additional books as they are published. At this time, we plan on developing books in the next year, two covering Model Contracts and Interest Arbitration with other possible books to be developed later.

Reference Materials

You are allowed access to our on-line Interest arbitration materials. This includes all Washington interest arbitration decisions, which are directly hyperlinked from a detailed issue-by-issue summary analysis of those decisions.

We also maintain a set of folders containing extensive downloadable materials relating to negotiation and arbitration as well as working conditions.


From time-to-time, we will have training webcasts on particular legal developments.  Your subscription will allow you access to those webcasts.

Legal Advice Requests

We provide an on-line form for you to submit request for assistance to our office. Your subscription fee allows you a certain number of pooled hours of legal service, and your organization elects how to deploy those hours.

You may use your pooled hours to acquire assistance with our database reports and acquired related negotiation and arbitration advice. You may also use them to provide supplemental representation for your members or your organization. These are some of the many requests for service that the Subscription contemplates:

  • Evaluate your current contract
  • Evaluate Negotiation Proposals
  • Prepare Arbitration Materials
  • Evaluate Employer Ability to Pay
  • Arbitration Witness Services
  • Evaluate Contract Grievances
  • Officer Involved Lethal Force
  • Evaluate Individual Officer Discrimination and Civil Rights
  • Evaluate Individual Officer Injury, Disability and Workers Compensation Rights
  • Evaluate FLSA Claims

You submit your request using our on-line form and within 24 hours you will be contacted by our office to follow-up on your request for assistance.  Your Subscription, though, allows immediate access for assistance on Officer Involved Lethal Force incidents through our 24 hour emergency Call-Service.

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