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Training Conferences – Cline & Associates Attorneys at Law

We generally hold a two-day training conference at least annually. Day One typically covers Contract Negotiations and Collective Bargaining Rights. Day Two typically covers the Rights of you and your members relating to discipline and other employment law issues.

Details on our 2024 conference are below.

You can register for our conference by downloading the attached registration form:


Contract session topics include:

Negotiating a Contract:
Tactics and Techniques

Emerging Trends in Public Safety Labor Contracts:
Navigating through Troubled Waters

The Right to Collective Bargaining:
What is Negotiable and What is a Management Right

Unfair Bargaining Tactics:
What They Are and What You Can Do About Them

Interest Arbitration:
How to Prepare and What to Expect

Interpreting and Administering Your Contract:
Common Problems and Issues

Getting Paid Your Due:
The Hour and Overtime Requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act

Day Two topics typically involve the Rights of you and your members relating to discipline and other employment law issues. Those Rights session topics include:

Discipline Investigations:
Important Predisciplinary Rights of Your Members including Garrity, Weingarten and Loudermill

Just Cause Discipline:
What It Is and How to Enforce Your Members’ Rights to It

Common Types of Discipline Issues Facing Public Safety Labor Organizations
and What to Do About Them

You Have Constitutional Rights, Too:
The Right of Public Safety Employees to Free Speech, Privacy and Other Important Civil Rights

Rights of Officers in Lethal Force Situations:
What Every Law Enforcement Officer Needs to Know

Facing Disabilities:
Identifying and Protecting the Rights of Employees with Medical Limitations

Handling Grievances:
Complying With the Duty of Fair Representation That You Owe Your Members

Being Left Alone When You’re Just Doing Your Job:
The Right of Union Representatives to Be Free From Discrimination and Retaliation

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