Who We Are: Effective

Who We Are: Effective

We don’t win all of our cases. No one does. But, we have demonstrated a willingness and capacity to tackle the hard cases. When your rights are at stake, you want a tough advocate standing in your corner. With the right resources and the right knowledge, we have a track record of picking the right battles and getting the right results.

We put our record in negotiation and arbitration up against anyone. Anyone. We believe our interest arbitration record of beating the employer’s final offer in Washington arbitrations is unmatched. That stems, we think, from knowing how to pick and fight the right battles. Successful negotiation is built, not on capitulation, but on compromise involving shrewd calculations of the potential risks and benefits.

We go to battle with the intent to prevail and with the support of our advanced proprietary resources, including our state of the art Database. Once again we put up our resources for comparison against anyone. We think those resources, combined with our knowledge in using them, are the key to our demonstrated arbitration and negotiation success.

We truly believe that acknowledge is power and that entering negotiations with dated, incomplete and limited data will guarantee that you will leave money on the table. We strive not to leave any of your money on the table. Throughout the state, our clients attest to our persistence and skill in striking the right deal.

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