Who We Are: Emphatic

Who We Are: Emphatic

The Cline and Associates interest arbitration team is known for its thorough and pounding arbitration presentations. Arbitrators even comment on our thoroughness, with one referring to the number of “lineal feet” of trial exhibits.

This level of preparation, no doubt, has been even more noticed by the Employers and their legal counsel. When your money is on the table and being litigated in arbitration the matter is serious.  Half-measure or budget representation efforts, we believe, will often cost you more than you save in the retainer.

We don’t see a conflict between powerful advocacy and cost-effective service delivery.    We don’t “reinvent the wheel” each time we go to trial ― we sharpen the well-developed “wheel” that we’ve built over the last 15 years of hard work.  We put our investment to your use. We realize there are different theories of case preparation, but we believe that budget representation can be very expensive in the long run. As we’ve said, we believe in the “value” model of representation.

Effective and thorough representation produces more than good trial results. Sometimes it can avoid the trial.   We believe that Employers who recognize the magnitude of what they are up against will calibrate that into their risk/benefit assessment. So we strive to intensify the magnitude of what Employers are up against. We think your interests are important and you deserve resolute advocacy.

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