Who We Are: Ethical

Who We Are: Ethical

We are passionate about our commitment to employee rights advocacy. And we pursue that with professionalism that we think public safety employees would want.

We strive to win, but not at any cost. Our reputation and effectiveness hinges on our ability to provide honest advice and honest advocacy. We are proud of our service to democratic public safety labor organizations throughout the State of Washington. These organizations have the chief advantage of being directly responsive to their members interests. Our role as an honest counsel is critical to the success of that mission.

We recognize that employee run labor organizations reflect the values of the people in them. Our goal is to help you identify and pursue your interests. With our skill and commitment, we enable labor organizations throughout the state to function effectively.

We recognize that democratic labor organizations will reflect the sometimes competing interests of members. We don’t take sides in that competition. Our loyalty is to the organization and ultimately the members it represents. We issue formal and informal legal opinions in a wide variety of contexts and each time we do so with the commitment to be honest providers of legal advice. Your members can trust in the integrity of our counsel.

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